Be the coolest kid in the Zoom meeting!

Here’s an article on how to use OBS with Zoom. Caution, it’s bleeding edge at this point and not quite production ready…

How to use a virtual camera for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet in OBS for Mac


Workaround for code signing in MacOs 10.15.3 Catalina

APPLICATION=/Applications/ && codesign -d --entitlements :- $APPLICATION | { xml2; echo "/plist/dict/"; echo "/plist/dict/true"; } | 2xml > entitlements.xml && sudo codesign --sign - $APPLICATION --force --preserve-metadata=identifier,resource-rules,flags --entitlements=entitlements.xml && rm entitlements.xml

Tip: you’ll need to re-authorize mic/webcam/screensharing in Zoom after re-signing the code. So don’t forget to run through a test meeting first to make sure everything is working before going into an important meeting.

Commissioned frame for a painting honoring water protectors

This frame was commissioned specifically for the Miles Toland painting “WATER IS LIFE” that it surrounds. I took elements from the painting and integrated them into the design of the frame.

Trevor's frame construction
Constructing the compound miter joints